Classic and Vintage Racing Dinghy Association
minutes of the 5th Annual General Meeting
held at Roadford Lake 6.30pm August 27th 2005

1 Apologies – none
2 Committee as voted in
Commodore-Ed Bremner 
Secretary – Chris Barlow
Treasurer – Lois Barlow
Webmaster – Pat Jones *
Fixtures Secretary – Rupert Whelan
Social Secretary – position vacant
Membership sec – Stu Budden*
Catamarans and Lost Classes – Alan Williams
* indicates elected at this meeting.

3 Minutes of the 4th AGM passed as an accurate record

4 Commodore’s report.
Ed asked whether the CVRDA is at a crossroads in its development. As the association continues to expand how formal do we want the CVRDA to be? ( general agreement to keep it on an informal basis)
Ed continued that we should keep our costs to a minimum by continuing to be completely web -based but that some working capital is required. The £5 voluntary contribution to the CVRDA in lieu of a formal membership fee system was working. (this was supported by the meeting – Alan Williams suggested a membership card. Mark suggested that there could be a small levy at all CVRDA events towards funds. Ed replied ‘yes but it should not be a requirement’ )
Ed continued by reporting on a meeting with other Class Vintage Wings at the Dinghy show. Representatives from the Int 14s, Merlins, The RYA and the National Maritime Museum were present and discussed the aim of setting up a national register of historically interesting dinghies. Can the CVRDA help? How does the project go forward to create this archive? Should it be web-based so that it is easy to add information and details? Ed and Neil may work on a prototype test system on the website.
Lastly from that meeting the RYA would try to look up and collate historic PYs.

5 Treasurer’s report
Lois explained the £5 voluntary donations to CVRDA funds that had been introduced previously on an informal basis.
She explained the accounts which had been circulated . These were accepted by the meeting.

6 Secretary’s report. 
Most of my work during the year was to do with helping to organise Roadford, and taking the minutes of the AGM. (NB committee meetings are ‘virtual’ and not at all real.)

7 Fixtures Report
Rupert reported good support for Shearwater, Clywedog, Frensham etc but support for Plymouth was disappointing especially since it was the only sea event of the year.
Some ‘other’ vintage events in 2006 were to be the Fireflies and Merlins celebrating 60 years and keen to get support.
Some Vintage Wings have asked the CVRDA for advice on age handicapping.
Brightlingsea is to be a new venue for 2006. Hope for good support especially since it a long way from the roots of the CVRDA which seem to be based in the South West.
8 Annual National Regatta.
There followed a discussion about the suggestion of trying other venues apart from Roadford. Pros and cons were mentioned without a definite yes or no. It was decided to continue the discussion on the web before choosing . (Clywedog was finally chosen for the 2006 event).

9 Any other Business
Ed asked if every one was happy that the CVRDA continued to be web-based – yes was the reply.
No other points were raised.
Next AGM to held at the 2006 Annual National Regatta of the CVRDA.
Meeting ended 7.21pm