Classic and Vintage Racing Dinghy Association
minutes of the 6th AGM held at Clywedog Sailing club Sunday 25th August.

1 Apologies. Rupert Whelan

2 Present Committee
Commodore-Ed Bremner , Secretary – Chris Barlow, Treasurer – Lois Barlow, Webmaster – Pat Jones
Fixtures Secretary – Position vacant as Rupert Whelan wishes to step down, Social Secretary – position vacant
Membership sec – Stu Budden, Catamarans and Lost Classes – Alan Williams
The above was voted as acceptable.

3 The minutes of the 2005 AGM were proposed as true by Howard Elcock and voted satisfactorily.

4 Commodore’s report.
Ed started by saying he is open to being replaced by anyone feeling they could take over.
Still talking about a boat register for ‘Old’ boats.
Asked if all are happy to keep CVRDA web-based only. General mutterings of YES.
The voluntary sub of £5 was taken at the Nationals – most volunteered. It could be taken at any event (some discussion ensued.) A good year with the new venue of Brightlingsea being well received.
Some thought’s for next year’s Nationals. (Not concluded).
Discussion about taking a stand at Dinghy show… (at £600 not thought possible) People may take fliers.
Good to link up more with Vintage Wings of classes (merlins, 12s, 14s) This is already starting to happen.

5 Treasurer’s report
Lois explained that the Cost of the Roadford Nationals was high, but on the other hand the income from the voluntary £5 sub was good . The Roadford nationals covered costs with just a small surplus.
Annual running costs can be kept to about £300 as a working round figure. ( Running expenses are: RYA subs, Web costs etc. not including running events) Assuming no mailing etc and keeping web-based.

Keith Rollinson pointed out that about £250 would be coming to the CVRDA from the takings at this year’s Nationals at Clywedog.

Accounts accepted by vote (proposed by Howard)

Ed, on behalf of the absent Rupert, summed up the forthcoming vennues for events.
Baltic Warf, Brightlingsea, Frensham (may change date) Chippenham (small and friendly), No Plymouth this year. Bowmoor is a possibility (didn’t happen) . Roadford is keen to have us back (this happened as a good weekend event). Netley is keen – we have said yes. Ken Goddard and the Nat 12s says there is to be a big anniversarry at Trent Valley Club. Howard pointed out what a lovely old fashioned venue it is Most reccomended. Ed said it would be good to support their event. (sadly a few of us were planning to go but flooding caused the cancellation of this event).
Scottish possibilities Loch Lomond, Loch Tummell(?) and Rob T in the Outer Hebrades were all mentioned)
Baltic Warf as the Ice breaker was confirmed.

Pat has now made a good start on mastering being webmaster.
All agreed the forum was excellent and well used.

a mention of Fowey week – just turn up!

date /place of next meeting …During the Nationals 2007

END OF MEETING Chris Barlow sec.