AGM 2007
Held at Clywedog Sunday 26th August

Committee people:
Ed wished to step down as Commodore. Roger (three-Hornets) Devereaux was voted as the new commodore.
Secretary, Chris Barlow, (2Merlins, Albacore)
Treasurer, Lois Barlow, ditto)
Webmaster, Pat Jones, (merlin 2121+another, something I can’t remember and a load of Larks)
Membership Sec. Stu Budden, (Int canoe, Ok, and a couple of youngsters)
Fixtures Sec. Greg (the darkside peg).
Cats and Lost Class rep/sec. Alan Williams (finn, cats, dolfins and probably more)

Social Sec. Lyn gardiner (merlin 36 and a garage of others ) a new appointment.

Commodore’s report.
Ed said that although it will be very strange for him to step down (having been The Man behind the birth of the CVRDA) He felt that he hasn’t been as active as he would like recently. Perhaps the CVRDA needs to think to the future in terms of our activities and improving active membership etc. It would be good to get new clubs involved and if each current member could encourage just one new person and their boat then the word would keep spreading. There is also a need to encourage more sea events and enable the larger dinghies and Cats to sail at good venues. Our circuit of inland venues is good but is limiting for those with sea craft.
Ed mentioned some of the points raised by discussion on the forum especially about boat-design-eligability-definitions-etc. but felt the best place was the forum for this sort of debate so that more people could voice their thoughts.
The small boats register is still being conceived and it is hoped to get something up and running soon on the CVRDA web so that people may register historically interesting old boats. This may combine more with the Small Boat Collection at Falmouth’s National Maritime Museum. (you can already add your details to their site)

Ed also congratulated Chris B and David Rollinson for their RYA awards for contributions to their clubs etc.

Treasurer’s report

Everything OK here. the CVRDA need only a modest amount to run. With the voluntary membership contribution and some income passed on from some of the events this is covered. This assumes that we continue as at present and our expenses are kept minimal

Fixtures’ report
General approval of all events and venues held this year.
In future the Roadford weekend might combine more with the Shearwater outing to Roadford which, this year, was a fortnight before the CVRDA.
Some discussion about where next year’s Nationals/Regatta would be held. Suggestion of Netley ( it could not be at the Bank Hol weekend though.Perhaps a Friday+weekend at another time of year… most people thought it possible to include a Fridayand were prepared to get the day off….PLEASE DISCUSS. Roger will start talking to clubs to investigate possibilities)

The link up with the Vintage Merlins and 12’s at some of the events has been very good ( ie Frensham etc)This could be expanded more next year.

Under AOB Alan Williams proposed that Ed should become our President-for-Life. and this was very warmly approved by all and accompanied by a vote of thanks for all Ed’s dedication to the CVRDA.
(Repeated again after the prize giving at the end of the weekend.)

And Finally…
actually after the end of the meeting there was a suggestion that the end of the Nats. might be a good time to end/start our year. Could be a good thought….Discuss.

Chris B sec