Minutes from the 9th AGM of the CVRDA
Held at Netley Sailing Club, August 2008

1 Apologies
Neil Witt, Lois Barlow

2 Committee
Neil was elected as Fiuxtures’ Sec.
Other officers to stand for re-election.
Committee members proposed by Ed, Seconded by Catherine – all duely elected.

2A, It was pointed out that the election of Ed Bremner as Lifetime President had been omitted from last year’s minutes. Al Williams proposed this was formally ratified, seconded by Pat Jones. Duly passed by all present.

3, Commodore’s report.
Roger reported that he had not been able to attend as many events as he would have liked. (but racing a Pico at Clywedog was some sort of highlight due to the lack of sensible quantities of wind.)
Perhaps the most up-front contribution had been the attendance at the London Boatshow at Excel with Shoestring on display attracting some very good comments, and conversation from the public which hopefully furthered our image and led to new contacts. Leaflets etc were distributed. Roger appreciated the help of various members throughout the weekend. And a special thanks to the two Peggies that raced in the Battle of the Classes.

[Rupert suggested that next year the winners of the Concours should display their boat.] 

On the website Roger said that he has tried occasionally to provoke some discussions about things especially if all seems too quite.

Lastly that it was good to see a few new faces and boats at some of the events.

4 Treasurer’s report (from Chris B in lieu of Lois B)
The outline accounts were presented. 
Lois had sent the comment that the £5 membership needed sorted out. Although our running costs are small we do need some income which has to come in reliably.
Accounts were proposed by Chris Mulhollland, seconded by Sandy Lavelle and duly passed by all.

5 Fixtures.
Event so far in 2008 were discussed: 
Shearwater with the cotton sail challenge. Good day
Baltic Warf, Good day
Clywedog,Strong weather had lead to little or no sailing. Good to see 2 or 3 new boats there.
Roadford ( had combined with the Shearwater S.C outing successfully and informally)
Frensham had combined with the Vintage Merlins and Nat 12s Good event but may be reduced to one day next year.

A discussion on fixtures lead to Ed’s idea of 6 Premier Events that count for the Traveller’s series.
Happy to support other events put on by clubs under the banner of CVRDA.
Roger “ are we spreading ourselves too thinly?” and “ have been asked to support other classes in vintage events”
Some clubs want us to sanction their events eg. Trent Valley.
“ We are not seeing our events grow but other clubs are cashing in”
David H. expressed disappointment that older boats with the clubs are not joining in with us but we seem to be providing a spectacle. At Netley deispite his efforts at least 9 old could/should have joined in.
Sandy “ need for publicity”
Stu “ Neil has posted various publicity things “
Rupert “ Looking at Classic Boat etc and can do some reports”
David H “ Can expand what he does for Dinghy Mag but it needs to be a proper ‘story’ to act as a hook”
Ed “ evangelising and talking to people is still the best way to get boats to join in.”

How wide geographically should the 6 premier events be? Brightlingsea, Scotland, Ullswater, Hornsea Mere were all mentioned.

6 Membership Sec’s report
Perhaps needs formalising – a catalogue of boat details, membership area on web etc. Ed and Stu to look at that.

Still some new CVRDA clothing from Clwedog to dispose of. Less should be order in future.
Pat “ Lark vintage wing wants encouragement”.
James “ website links to all ‘old’ classes would be good.”

Next AGM will be at Roadford August bank Holiday weekend 2009 

Meeting ended 6.55 pm

Secretary’s note: any quotations have been paraphrased.