Minutes of the 9th Annual General Meeting of the CVRDA
Held at Roadford Lake during the weekend of the Annual Nationals

1 Apologies received from David Villiers-Child
2 Minutes of the 8the AGM propsed to be accepted by Rupert Whelan, seconded, by Alan Williams
Accepted and adopted, by vote

3 Committee. The following were voted in:
Commodore – Roger Deverereux
Secretary – Chris Barlow
Treasurer – Lois Barlow
Webmaster – Pat Jones
Cats and Lost Classes – Alan Williams
Membership sec. – Garry Rucklidge
Fixtures and Publicity – Rupert Whelan.

4 Updating the constitution. The following changes were voted in:
The Association’s year shall be the 1st August to July 31st. (not 1st Jan to 31 Dec.)
3b Added to section 3 after the title Boat Classifications (wings):
(1)Handicapping will be used to promote good racing between boats of all ages and to reflect their degree of originality or modernization.
(2) Owners may make representation to the committee who may, at their discretion, place a particular boat in any of the three wings where it is clearly more suited to the spirit of that wing even if it does not fit the exact criteria of that wing.

‘built around WW2’ Instead of before in section 3(a)

Add the following to section 3c Old Racing Dinghies:
Lost classes. Certain interesting examples of dinghies from classes designed between 1965 and 1985 and where that class is no longer in production and its association has ceased to exist may be permitted to join the ‘Old Racing Dinghies Wing’ after application to the committee if it is felt that the dinghy embodies the spirit of the CVRDA. See 3(2) above. No post 1985 built dinghy will be considered.
(d) Catamarans
The CVRDA defines qualifying catamarans as having bee designed before 1965 and built before 1985. Typical examples would include the designs of Rod MacAlpine Downie and Prout Brothers in plywood and GRP.

5 Commodore’s Report, Roger D’s main points:
“ Quieter year for attendants and a couple of events have been lost e.g. Corus in South Wales, we could try again to see if they are interested but our contact Shaun has left there. Netley didn’t materialize this year. (Ed said he would like to see another event on Southampton Water again)
Shearwater was well attended with the Saturday calm and the Sunday very windy.
Bough Beech put on their first event and was good. Suggest it should become a Premier Event next year.
Thames SC always a good event and great to see the A Raters too.
Keith did us proud again at Clywedog. Other events included Baltic Warf and Whitefriars (Rupert added that there seemed to fewer of their own members this year).
It would be good to go back to Bristol Avon again soon after a long gap.
Nigel has brought some interesting lost class boats this year.”
Roger asked for suggestions for fixtures next year. Helford River, Bosham, Wroxam (linking with merlins etc) were suggested. Would Roadford hold an ordinary event? Roger went on to thank Pat as webmaster.

6 Treasurer’s report.
Changing the year dates would help as these reports are out of sync still. The finance/account sheets were circulated. Lois pointed out that having the Nationals at Roadford had been very useful as SW Lakes had given us a considerable share of the takings which boosted our income greatly. This was in fact a larger amount than expected.
Accounts were passed.

7 Fixtuures
This are had been largely covered in the commodore’s report and some discussion then.
Some discussion about were the Nationals would be. Keith said he would be prepared to offer Clywedog but at this stage couldn’t guarantee the Aug. Bank Hol.

8 Memberhip report

Roger also suggested our membership arrangements might need to become more formal to cope with expenses. Our new membership sec. Garry would be able to develop that.

9 Webmaster’report

The website had over 250,000 hits and continues to generate a great deal of interest but the cost will need to increase soon (Ed pointed out it will need to go from 2GB to over 4 or 5).
Michael Briggs proposed a vote of thanks to Pat for her work in running the site and continuing to make it attractive and keeping it up to date. Ed asked if every one was still happy to keep everything (information, membership etc) web-based and not to have anything by post at all. All agreed.

10 Pat J had asked said she had had a request from the Larks for support. These boats are just on the wrong side of our ‘dates’ but we can offer support in terms of advice etc if they want to run events for their older boats.

11 AOB
Garry R had asked how we can encourage younger people, Andy said (as a mid 30’s!) it probably depends on the local clubs encouraging them to join in more than coming from us. Not many will have eligible boats perhaps. Pat K suggested we could offer a special prize. It was pointed out that we do have a ‘youngest sailor prize’ which does often get awarded to a child.

Date and place of next AGM
At the nationals in 2010

Meeting closed 7.31pm