Minutes of the 11th Annual General Meeting of the CVRDA

28 August 2010

Held at Clywedog Sailing Club during the weekend of the Annual Nationals

1 Apologies received from Ed Bremner, Neil Witt, Stu Budden , Graham Brooks, Bob Corfield

2 Minutes of the 10th AGM proposed to be correct by Alan Williams, seconded by Keith Rollinson.

Accepted and adopted, by vote

3 Committee elections. Roger D was unanimously re-elected having resigned as commodore a few weeks earlier. The committee was elected as follows:

Commodore – Roger Deverereux

Secretary – Chris Barlow

Treasurer – Lois Barlow

Webmaster – Pat Jones

Cats and Lost Classes – Alan Williams

Membership sec. – Garry Rucklidge

Fixtures and Publicity – Rupert Whelan.

General members Peter Vinton*, Keith Rollinson*

* new to the committee.

4 Commodore’s Report.

Roger described a difficult year and gave his reasons for his earlier resignation. He appreciated the messages of support he had received and the support of Ed and Neil with reference to the web-based trouble caused by just two or three people. He wished to draw a line under it all and move on now.

He has enjoyed 10 years of good sailing in a variety of boats and conditions in a friendly environment. 

5 Events summary.

Sheawater – a good and well supported one.

Whitefriars – Good sailing but Roger disgraced himself capsizing on port on the start line (photo to prove it!)

Hunts – First CVRDA event here, joining the vintage Merlins. It worked very well, very positive feedback.

Roadford – a good event as usual. Nats were well run and well appreciated,

Bristol Avon – Quite windy, a few breakages, Good to see Bob Corfield again!

Bough beech. A good venue with local support (combined with the Vintage Merlins)

A good year for events

Rupert pointed out that the events which work best are always where the club has committed cvrda and a good core of local old boats to join in.

Next year Nats. Hunts was suggested but can’t, Whitefriars offered.

6 Finance report.


Roadford produced a very good income.

Subs were coming in and a few donations too.

Web costs have risen

Balance was £1039.18

Full details were shown on account sheet and were accepted.

7 Web ms. (master or mistress)

The ‘off-air’ time has meant some good improvements and development of the site which Pat thanked Ed and Neil for. A few small problems still to iron out. Clearer rules and guidelines added for forum.

New images, hints and tips added.

Dinghy Data base is expanding well.

Peter V has added a Finn and Mercury history.

Roger proposed a thanks to Pat for her work on the web – all agreed.

Pat thanked Sandy for his support at home – probably keeping the beer glass full.

8 Membership,

Garry has produced membership forms but this is still kept an informal affair.

If each member introduced one new member this would double our membership.

Treasurer has the financial details.

9 Cats and Lost classes

Al pointed out the difficulty of trailing cats to events but they are always welcome but not all events are suitable – hint-hint.

Lost classes welcome too but should be pre 1985 or something particularly interesting like a prototype that never made it.

10 AOB

Stephen Hawkins said he appreciated the cvrda’s friendly and welcoming atmosphere and the help given to new converts.

John Rawson asked if the CVRDA should/does have an indemnity policy.

Next AGM to be held at next year’s Nationals.

Meeting closed at 6.35pm which was a serious five minute over run since the bar opened at 6.30. It was agreed that we should not tell Ed of this unfortunate lack of commodorial control.

Chris Barlow