Minutes of the 12th Annual General Meeting of the CVRDA
Held at Bough Beech Sailing club August 26th 2012 during the Annual National Regatta.

Apologies received from:
Ed Bremner, Keith Rollinson, Peter Vinton,
1 Minutes of the previous AGM . Proposed as correct by Roger D, seconded by Garry R, and accepted by the meeting.
2 Committee as listed accepted by unanimous vote. ( Fixtures to be shared then someone co-opted later)
3 Commodore’s report. 
Rupert expressed thanks to everyone who has been helping run the CVRDA and especially to Roger as retired Commodore and working on the Holt centenary.
The Forum continues to grow and be a major part of the CVRDA. The Moths and Minisails are a welcome speciality that is developing. Rupert asked “What’s the feeling about the forum being used by boats that are not quite within the CVRDA rules?” the general feeling was that the forum is fine as these boats would have no other platform for covering their needs. For events its remains up to the host club to say yes or no to borderline classes or boats.
There was also a short discussion about our cut off dates. These are to be left as they are for the short term future anyway.
Rupert asked if people liked the Training Session held at Whitefriars. General approval so the event may well be repeated in 2013.

4 Treasurer’s report Lois B

The club is in reasonable health financially. We made a small profit this year of £3.60 but still have some Holt T shirts for sale- we also used some for prizes at other CVRDA events. 
We have £889.38 in the bank and I have already banked £40 membership fees for next year (not included in this figure).

Membership was hugely up too, due to the on-line membership forms on the web-site. About 66% of those enquiring follow up by sending the £10 contribution. 12 members came this way and there are 2 subscriptions not banked yet so not included in this year’s figures. We did spend some money on the Holt Centenary Celebrations but managed to get sponsorship thanks to Roger and Chris for prizes. We still have enough reserve to exist for a few more years. 

Our 2 main overheads are: R.Y.A membership and our web site costs. We need to bring in £350 -£400 p.a. to cover these costs without dipping into reserves.

Any questions? 
I have the account sheets if anyone is interested in looking in more detail, also the letters sent from our on-line members.

5, Fixtures
Roger’s main work was organising the Holt Centenary event at Wraysbury Lake SC. His worry was about the number of boats attending. (these were not limited to vintage boats but included all Holt designs). The weather leading up to the event was terrible but the day itself was reasonably fair. 15 boats attended, which considering the forecast was not bad. It was seen as a successful event and it was good to meet people who knew Jack Holt and had sailed with him in Gently (Holt’s own boat that was relaunched after 30-40 years )
Other events were all ‘good’ though without large turnouts, Roger said how important the home turnout is for a good event.
Ian M asked 2 Are we finding it easy to find host clubs? … The initiative needs to come from a club with local interest.
Hunts had bad weather which affected turnout and most of the boats belonged to Nessa!
Roger suggested the Birkett Trophy on Ullswater could have a CVRDA entry. ( A few of us did go and it was nice to hear in the prizegiving that they mention it was good to see some classic boats attending)

5 Membership
Quite a number of online requests. Which have led to people joining , who may not have attended events. The web details seem to be working.

6 Web
Ticking over well, good to have people from Canada, France etc joining in. New dinghy data base online now, more info always welcome.
A good ‘community’ on the forum – no problems
Roger initiated a vote of thanks to Pat for her hard work on the web and the results.
Ian M commented that our web was become such a useful resource.
Katherine W. Said we were pioneers and very successful but we need to keep up with technology.

Garry noticed that Ed is president and suggested he and Neil should be life members. Roger seconded this and it was accepted.

Meeting ends at 7.25pm