Minutes of the 13th Annual General Meeting of the CVRDA

Held at Hunts Sailing club August 2013 during the Annual National Regatta.

Apologies received from:

Ed Bremner, Garry Ruckledge, Dougal Henshall

Minutes of the previous AGM . Proposed as correct by Roger D, seconded by Sandy Lavell and accepted by the meeting.

Committee as listed accepted by unanimous vote. ( Fixtures Peter Vinton later took on this job))

Commodore’s report.

Rupert expressed thanks to everyone who has been helping run the CVRDA.

Ist event was cancelled due to the weather, otherwise a good year for events. Blithfield was a new event and much enjoyed, we look forward to another event there one day. Membership with £10 donation supports the CVRDA and we need this to continue but this works well.

Treasurer’s report Lois B

Lois submitted a printed report that was accepted by the meeting. The income is modest but the outgoings are not big so the balance sheet is happy.

5, Web

Pat explained that the dinghy database is enlarging and is work in progress; information , especially on lesser known models is always welcome.

The use of the forum is very strong – no main issues.

Pat mentioned the size of photos taking up space and mentioned ways to do this without filling it all up.


Garry left Hunts early due to illness so no report.


Pat K mentioned the forthcoming Banbury event in September .

Roger said there were still a few Holt centenary T shirts for sale.

Offer of 2014 Nats at Clywedog – General support

Meeting ends at 8.18pm (AGM of 16.26 minutes possibly a record?)

Next AGM at Cywedog August 2014