Minutes from the 2014 AGM of the CVRDA
Held at Clywedog SC Sunday 24th August 2014

1 Apologies from Roger D, Neil W. Ed B, Dougal H.
2 Minutes from 2013 AGM proposed as correct by Pat Jones, seconded by Paul Rogers. Voted as correct
3 Election of Officers and committee.
Rupert stepped down as commodore, Chris Barlow nominated by Rupert W and seconded by Alan Williams. Elected by vote
Pat Kuenzler proposed as Secretary by Lois Barlow, seconded by Alan Williams, Elected.
( Nessa had been seconded onto the committee previously and was now officially elected on)
The committee is as follows:
Commodore- Chris Barlow 
Secretary – Pat Kuenzler .
Treasurer – Lois Barlow 
Webmaster – Pat Jones 
Fixtures Secretary and publicity – Peter Vinton 
Membership sec – Garry Rucklidge 
Catamarans and Lost Classes – Alan Williams 
General members without portfolio Keith Rollinson, Nessa

4 Commodore’s report
Rupert welcome such a good turnout and admitted this was his first event this year due to other commitments. He thanked everyone for their help and support to make the CVRDA a continuing success.

5 Treasurer’s report.
Lois circulated printouts of the details of the accounts. The membership contributions are keeping us afloat. The main expenses being the website and the RYA membership. There is a small surplus.

6 Fixtures.
Peter: We need a venue for 2015 Nationals . Alan W said Roadford could be a possibility again but said he would like to suggest we change the date. Possibly late July. ( Travel difficulty on the Bank Holiday w/e and that there is another event clashing at Roadford) Alan will look into possible dates and report back.

7 Membership
Garry: He and Lois co-ordinate over this and there is a steady trickle of membership money coming in.

8 Webmaster. All OK on that front

Garry proposed that we award Hon. Life Membership to Keith and Mick for their contribution over the years. This was seconded by Sandy and agreed (this was carried out at the prize giving and both Keith and Mick were very grateful)
Alan Williams (i/c lost classes) welcomed the low rider moths and felt this should develop. Let’s spread the word further encouraging such ‘groups’
Ian Marshall felt we could do publicity to continue sreading the word. Kathryn W. suggested using some of the surplus to print some flyers for clubs, dinghy show etc. Rupert could print.

Next meeting at the 2015 Nationals ( to be announced).