Minutes from the 2015 AGM of the CVRDA Held at Roadford Lake Saturday 18th July 2015.

  1. Apologies from Rupert W, Peter V and Garry R.
  2. Re the 2014 minutes AOB – ideas for publicity – Pat asked if fliers had been printed, it was thought that they were now.

Alan  Williams said he’d e-mailed all classes at least twice.

Minutes proposed as correct by Pat Jones, seconded by Alan Williams.

  • Election of Officers and committee.

Garry standing down as Membership Secretary. Lois proposed as Membership secretary by Nigel (HIT) seconded by Ian Marshall.

The committee is as follows:

Commodore -Chris Barlow

Secretary- Pat Kuenzler

Treasurer- Lois Barlow

Webmaster- Pat Jones

Fixtures Secretary and Publicity- Peter Vinton

Membership Secretary- Lois Barlow

Catamarans and Lost Classes-Alan Williams

General  members without portfolio- Kieth Rollinson, Nessa Weedon-Jones

4. Commodore’s Report.

Chris said he’d done ‘sod all’ and received applause for doing it so well.

Chris thanked Pat for her work on the website and the good results.

Chris said the committee discuss on line. The eligibility of dinghies and the date of ‘cut off’ for CVRDA was discussed. Should it be moved to 1989 as suggested? Should it be ‘trialled’ ?  Discussion and feedback from ‘the floor’ was required.

Tony said 1989 would bring in the ‘oldish’ Moths.

Chris gave out copies of the rules and proposals with possible change dates highlighted and stating that we could clarify the Lost Classes discretionary clause.

Alan expressed  concern about the ‘design’ of dinghies between 1985 and 1989. Ed said it would add early versions of classes eg. Unicorn. Chris said we already have leeway to include those. Ian said any change should fit into the spirit of what we want.  Alan (Moth) said from the outside it could be confusing even unwelcoming if there was a ‘fumbling’ of the status of ‘plastic’ and ‘old’ dinghies.

5. Treasurer’s report.

Lois circulated details of the accounts. She said we were solvent and had sufficient income to keep the website going and to be affiliated to the RYA. A donation of £50 had been given. Also a list was being kept of the steady stream of people who expressed interest on the website.

Acceptance of the accounts was proposed by Tony B and seconded by Alan Williams.

  • Fixtures.

Where to hold next year’s Nationals was discussed. Chris Wood favoured Huntingdon as it was more central. Nessa favoured Huntingdon too, but earlier in the year, maybe the May bank holiday. Ed favoured a 3 day event. Tony’s home club, Pwlleli, was suggested. Chris B said success relies on a club having a core of enthusiasts.

  • Membership.

Lois said membership was up to 32 last year.

  • Webmaster.

Pat said the website was ticking over but the Facebook page had taken off this year.

 Ed worried that Facebook takes too much away from the Forum and we didn’t need both. Chris Wood said the Forum was for discussion while Facebook was more for socializing. Ed then suggested a Forum link to Facebook although he stated he was not aware that Facebook brings in more sailing members. Pat said the Forum formed a historical record and had 1200 members. Ed commented that 4 or 5 enquiries on Facebook had seemed dodgy, others were O.K. and one needed to be aware of that. Ian asked if there were obvious links from Facebook to the Forum, the reply was ‘yes’. Ian commented that the Forum had depth of discussion but Facebook was more likely to attract younger people.

  1. A.O.B.

Chris Wood raised the idea of CVRDA car stickers. Nessa and Nicki were happy to take on the idea but Lois raised the issue of cost.

The next AGM will be held at the CVRDA Nationals, the venue to be announced. The meeting ended at 6:35pm.