The Minutes of the Classic and Vintage Racing Dinghy Association 20th Annual General Meeting 2018.

Hon. Life President Ed.I.Bremmer.

Held at Banbury Sailing Club, Saturday 25th August, 18:00hrs.

1. Apologies:

Apologies from Ed Bremner, Lyndon Beasley, Ian Marshall, Sam Mason, Keith  Rollinson, Alan Williams, Roger Devereux.

2. Minutes of 2017 A.G.M.

 Matters arising: Jon Rawson enquired about the Day Boat. Chris Barlow explained the situation. Lois Barlow enquired about a change of website. Pat Jones said if we wished to change 1&1 was popular and well rated.

Approval of the minutes as correct proposed by Pat Jones seconded by Sandy Lavelle.

3. Election of Officers:

Chris Barlow stepped down as Commodore. Lois proposed Pat Jones as Commodore. This was seconded by Vanessa Weedon-Jones.

Ian Marshall was co-opted onto the committee. Chris said Ian would be a good Fixtures Officer if Peter doesn’t want to continue in that role. Sandy suggested Ian and Peter Vinton doing the job together.

Chris proposed Ian onto the committee, Vanessa seconded.

Pat Jones proposed Chris Barlow onto the committee. Tim Bury seconded.

All other currant officers were prepared to carry on.

The officers were approved by all present.

4. Commodore’s Report:

Chris said nothing much had happened.

He thanked Pat J  for working out all the race results.

He apologized to Tim B and Pat K for the feeble turn out at the C.V.R.D.A. Nationals held at Banbury S.C. Pat J thought it was the result of too many meetings being held close together, and also the weather. Tim B said Vintage Merlin events have had problems too. Numbers at both Frensham and Wroxham were very poor. Lois said the Moths now have their own Nationals. They’d used C.V.R.D.A. as a springboard also Mini Sails now have get togethers.

Chris reminded everyone that 2019 was the 20th anniversary of C.V.R.D.A. and the Nationals being held at Roadford. Jon said Roadford could be very, very busy. Ed, Ian and Alan are talking to S.W.Lakes about the Bank Holiday Weekend. Good Acre may be run on a different date. Pat J advised book camping spaces very early. Nikky said her Guides had a large tent we could use.

Chris said he’d enjoyed being Commodore but is looking forward to enjoying being in a back seat.

5. Treasurer’s Report:

Lois said C.V.R.D.A. made a profit this year. She thanked those who’d given donations. The main expense was the website and people thought  it was money well spent.

 Nessa said she’d arrange T shirts for next year and maybe a cap which could be embroidered Lois and Pat J said they could run up some flags.

Acceptance of the accounts being correct proposed by Tim B seconded by Sandy L. All in agreement.

6. Website:

Pat J said the main website and Facebook were doing well. Facebook was light weight but immediate. She requested that photos be sent to her to be put on the website.

Pat said there were still many hacking attempts and anyone with editing rights on the main website needed to change passwords. She didn’t feel that changing ‘provider’ was necessary. She also asked for contributions to the data base.

Chris B congratulated and thanked Pat J for the success of the data base.

Pat said Ed and Ian want graphics for publicity for next year.

6. A.O.B:

Pat J, on behalf of Ian M, spoke of the possibility of an event in France mid September next year. There would be a Classic Car meet nearby too as an added attraction. In would be a 2 day run down France. Further information would be e-mailed to members.

Chris B said Keith had confirmed that 2020 Nationals would take place at Clywedog.

The next meeting will be held at Roadford during the August bank holiday C.V.R.D.A. Nationals.

The meeting ended at 6:29 p.m.