6 visiting boats arrived at Baltic Wharf to a very overcast light drizzle and very little wind. They were joined by 10 boats from BWSC in the morning and a further 3 in the afternoon.
Thanks go to Paul Dean who brought in several boats from his collection which he loaned to 3 Juniors from the All Aboard Centre including 3 Fireflies and a Europe. Lovely to see so many youngsters joining in.
Race 1 was our legendary Head of Harbour, well known for its lovely historic atmosphere but extremely fickle winds. The countdown started and we waited eagerly for the boats to shoot forward. 5 minutes later they had moved about 10 yards with some yet to cross the line. Inch by inch they slowly worked their way up the harbour
Winner on handicap was Ian, Lyndon 2nd , Giles 3rd in the HIT and  4th Jacob in the OK
Race 2 was planned to be a CVRDA only event but due to the overrun of Race 1 it was changed to the planned Race 3 which was to be held with BWSC normal Saturday race. The wind was slightly better but still very little.
Winner on handicap was Lyndon,  Ian  2nd ,  Nigel and Adrian in the Merlin 3rd and Martin 4th in the Finn.
Overall winner was Lyndon, Ian 2nd on last race position, Nigel and Adrian in the Merlin 3rd and Martin 4th in the Finn.

Many thanks to all who attended in such difficult conditions.

Baltic Wharf 2016 results corrected

Richard Jones
Secretary BWSC