June 27th 2009

A number of potential visitors may have been put off by the forecast light winds and at 9am they looked to be right. However, by 10.30 the breeze was filling in nicely and a good days racing in brilliant sunshine was enjoyed by all.

The fleet comprised mostly of visitors from as far afield as Frome and Norwich with four Merlin Rockets (6, 36, 1206 and 799) two Mirrors, Wildfire, Heron, Jollyboat, National 12, Albacore, OK, Harrier + (no 1), and an International 14.

The four races throughout the day presented shifty winds with the odd gust making the courses challenging for both the RO and the competitors. The first race had a very close finish for the minor places with three boats all on starboard crossing the line within 1 second of each other. After lunch the RO altered the course a little and removed the sausage section allowing 4 to 5 laps rather than the 2 to 3 in the morning. The races were usually led by home boat National 12 number 3111 helmed by Brian Whitmey and crewed by Jackie Whitmey or Merlin Rocket 1206 helmed by Ben Marshall crewed by Ali Banks from Minima YC. A special mention to the helm of Jollyboat 9, William Chanter, who kept his cool at all times whilst being the youngest helm sailing the largest dinghy.

The results, less important than the participation in and alongside beautiful boats, were:-

1st National 12 3111 Brian and Jackie Whitmey
2nd Merlin Rocket 1206 Ben Marshall and Ali Banks
3rd International 14 Nick Clibbon and S Willis

A very memorable day’s sailing was enjoyed by all.

Bough Beech 2009 results