The Bowmoor event was a blast from the CVRDA past with two Pegasus (Pegasi?), eight Minisails and a return to a lake last sailed in 2005. The wind unfortunately also decided to give us a blast and was too strong for several competitors, including Chris Barlow’s International 14, Blue Peter which had a hasty repair before the start to a split in the mast but then grounded and suffered a loose pintle whilst sailing to the first start.
In the first race the minisails gradually dropped out with more and more lining up on the shore until only two finished. Those who had struggled in the light winds at the previous event came to the fore at Bowmoor with close racing but Ian Marshall in his International Moth managed to take the lead from Lyndon Beasley( Int Moth). Behind was also close racing with less than a minute separating Pegasus 199 (which David and Keith Rollinson haven’t sailed for some years), Finn, Albacore and Minisail 3131 (Rupert Whelan).
In the second race there was a close fought battle for the lead between Lyndon Beasley (Int Moth) and Keith Tunstill (Finn) with some place changing before the Finn took line honours and Lyndon was closely followed by the Albacore and Ian Marshall’s Int Moth. The Pegasus wasn’t far behind and also the two Minisails of Rupert Whelan and Steve Whitby with the local GP14 (Stef B) finished a lap down.

The third race started with a stronger wind and Lyndon quickly took advantage to establish a clear lead and after some entertaining gybes for those on shore, the finish order was the same as the second race, although Rupert retired.

At the end of day 1 with no discard, Lyndon led from the steadily sailed Minisail of Steve Whitby with Ian Marshall lying third overall and Rupert fourth.

Sunday dawned even windier and with several hesitant about sailing, only ten boats took to the water for the first race. The Albacore and two Minisails retired after a lap of planing reaches and gusty gybes and Ian Marshall (Int Moth) took the lead from the start and thus line honours, followed by Lyndon’s Moth, Pegasus 199 and Rupert’s Minisail.

The final race saw a stronger wind and more capsizes including Lyndon and Rupert who sprang nimbly over onto the centreboard and broke it on the final lap. The Rollinsons’ Pegasus scooped up water and then proved that sailing a bath full of water is impossible in high winds with a spectacular capsize leaving the boat under water behind the shrouds and thus another retirement. Eventually only Ian Marshall completed the last race which lifted him to overall winner, with Rupert Whelan second and Lyndon Beasley third.

This event was also the Minisail nationals and Steve Whitby was awarded the National Championship, with Rupert Whelan second and Tom Moore third. For the observant, the difference in results is due to the Minisail Nationals being on a flat handicap not CVRDA handicaps (Steve had a larger sail).

Bowmoor proved to be an excellent venue for the CVRDA with great facilities and thanks was given to Tom the race officer and his team of helpers, safety crew and galley staff who made us very welcome.

Bowmoor 2018 Results