As with dinghies, boats must be designed before 1965 and built before 1990 to qualify.
At present the cvrda does not have a separate wing for catamarans. As we work with a set of adjusted 1965 PY nos they can race with the rest of us in the ‘classic’ or ‘old’ wings.

In addition we include a limited number of classes established between 1965 and 1975. These classes are:

Hobie 14
Hobie 18
Nacra 5.2
Nacra 5.8
Nacra 6.0
Prindle 18-2
Prindle 18
Tornado (aluminium rig only)

other classes will be considered on application to the CVRDA committee

Boats must still be built before 1990 to qualify.

So… if you are out there with a classic cat and want to help build up some classic cat racing…..get in touch!

The cvrda cat rep is Alan Williams, so any questions about classic cats, get in touch: Contact Us