Chippenham 2006

Making the most of and earlier date than usual, the annual CVRDA meeting on the River Avon at Chippenham saw a good fleet of British Moths augmented by a mixed collection of boats from various decades.

The width of the river made it sensible to run the racing as a series of pursuits and in the first race this nearly backfired as most of the fleet was heavily bunched as the finished approached and it was only a fortuitous capsize by Rodney Gingell (Moth) in the middle of the pack made it possible to separate the first five or six boats at the bell with Rupert Whelan’s Moth getting the nod from his wife Kathryn’s Firefly.

The second race was a Moth benefit with Rupert taking a comfortable win from Roger Devereux and Rodney Gingell. With Rupert switching places with OOD Mark Collyer, the last race the last race was fought out between Gingell and Devereux and the during the whole fifty minutes there was never more than a couple of boat lengths between them, but in the end it was Gingell who won the race and so ensured second place overall.

Overall Results:


Pos Boat Type Sail No Helm Crew Club Pts
1st  British Moth  533  Rupert Whelan    Whitefriars  1.5 
2nd  British Moth  661  Rdney Gingell    Chippenham  3.75 
3rd  British Moth  515  Roger Devereux    Shearwater 
4th  British Moth  681  Hamish Grigor    Chippenham 
5th  Firefly  2324  Kathryn Whelan  Charlie Whelan  Whitefriars  7