Classic boat wing

We define these dinghies as those designed before 1965 and built before 1970 which are not already covered by the Vintage classification.

These dinghies are from the hey-day of dinghy racing between the 2nd world war and 1970. They are typically made from plywood or moulded wood veneer construction and use glue to hold them all together.

Best examples would include any Fairey Marine built dinghy, all the Merlin Rockets beyond about No 500 and glued Nat 12s and all the Ply hard chine designs of Proctor and Holt and many other designers of the early 60s.

Fairey Marine spent the 50s and 60s making the highest quality mass-produced wooden hulls ever and here is a fine example; a 1963 Firefly F2942.

On the left is a Fairey Finn made in 1963 sailing with an original Bruder wooden mast……great boat!