"I don't believe it"

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"I don't believe it"

Post by davidh » Sun Feb 15, 2009 12:04 am

I think I'll stick to the day job!

Okay - the Sandtex Scow, aka Unit 7 (actually Unit 2 but now it's getting confusing) is heading off to Wales where Simon is going to give it lots of TLC and make it back into a winner.

So- today, the plan was for me to meet him at the Leigh delamre Services on the M4. All is well until the car decides to part company with it's crankshaft pulley...... oh ****.

Still, not to bother, my sister has an off road landrover that has a 50mm tow hitch. Max speed on tarmac.... 55 mph, but it will be a hoot. Well, it was until I managed to lock myself out of the car, phone and simon's mobile Number on the inside.

The AA come and are really helpful.... I'm on my way, 90 mins late, thanks Simon for being so very understanding, he'll now meet me at Chieverly, where the A34 meets the M4.

I've gone 14 miles when sudden vibration, lots of cars flashing me...... my supersmart Sovereign trailer is about to shed a wheel....... hard shoulder of the M3, call the AA (again).
Okay, they've on their way and so is Simon..... oh no he isn't, someone has run in the back of his trailer on the m4......

If you want to know what you get when you cross Friday the 13th with a Groundhog day, ask either Simon or myself......

David H

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Re: "I don't believe it"

Post by Nessa » Sun Feb 15, 2009 11:15 am

oh dear!

thank goodness for those very nice men (the AA)

incidentally David I saw a Unit in amongst the club results at Broadwater SC (I was looking for a contender at the time... :roll:
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Re: "I don't believe it"

Post by Howlin » Sun Feb 15, 2009 7:12 pm

I heartily concur with David..some days you are not meant to get out of bed. I left the services to go and meet David, trundling through the road works near Membury and some **** in a transit just kindly piles into the trailer..twists the frame and wrecks my tow hitch! His survival came into question with the comment.."I didn't see you". The AA man was brilliant and got me home! Here's to fair winds and sunshine to make us all feel happy!

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