Classic Camper for sale

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Classic Camper for sale

Post by roger » Thu Oct 08, 2009 1:22 pm

Well its neither a boat or in bits but we have reluctantly decided to sell our old Transit. Regularly seen at CVRDA events and much loved by Garry for early morning cups of tea.

She has MOT until the end of July and the man who looks after her reckons she wont cost much to put through next year.
She comes with Cooker, Fridge, and a small Awning and a very comfy bed. Registered in 1980 she comes in the "old" category but is a good runner.
She has tax until end of January.
The only downside is the petrol engine but she chugs along happily at 60 which is way above the legal towing speed.

We would love her to go to someone who will get as much from her as we have rather than put her on ebay in the spring.

We are asking £1000 for her (that is the ebay reserve).

contact me at

ps Rupert/Katherine ideal to leave the kids in the tent and have a dry and comfortable night :D
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Re: Classic Camper for sale

Post by Garry R » Thu Oct 08, 2009 3:11 pm

Does this mean that there will be a bidding war for those coveted spots at Clywedog and Roadford now while the Deverauxs lounge in 5* accommodation far from the madd(en)ing crowd. I will miss those cups of tea on arrival I must say. Hope that you sell it well.

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Re: Classic Camper for sale

Post by Rupert » Thu Oct 08, 2009 7:32 pm

Funny, I was just reading the ad, and thinking what Kathryn would say if I went and bought it*, and got to the bit at the bottom...

*Not printable on here

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Re: Classic Camper for sale

Post by Pat » Thu Oct 08, 2009 8:18 pm

After a very wet and windy tent holiday in Ireland one August we went out the following March with the in-laws. It wasn't promising - fishing on a wet day and us with a new baby to feed. But they turned up with this VW camper they'd just bought. We could heat the bottle, feed the baby and us women could sit in the wam and dry. We were hooked and had bought our own VW camper within three weeks! We could caravan and tow the boat.

The baby is now 22, he and his younger sister having grown up with campers. We took her camping in the VW at ten days old! They are brilliant, even just for a day out with children, you can go to the beach for the day, change, cook dinner and I've driven home so many times with three of them (2 kids and the ex) asleep in the back. They aren't big or difficult to use as the second car. Mine measured 6 inches shorter than a friend's Volvo estate and the same width so it parks in a normal space.

I'm now looking for my fourth VW van having done the classic air cooled type 2(never again, why are they so popular, they constantly blow up engines?), the rear engined T2.5 and the modern T4 I've got now, which happily does 80mph whilst towing a boat. Next will be a T5 and our own conversion.

If anyone's contemplating a camper, go for it. Especially if you have a family.

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Re: Classic Camper for sale

Post by Ancient Geek » Thu Oct 08, 2009 8:38 pm

You can always do what Jamie Oliver has and put a 3.5litre Porsche engine in it, upgrade the suspension and you have a going concern.

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