the CVRDA it was then

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Re: the CVRDA it was then

Post by Ancient Geek » Wed Feb 24, 2010 8:24 pm

The late George Bruder a very great Finn sailor who was killed along with the loss of the Original Finn Gold Cup in the DC10 Crash at Paris, (Not a safe airport!) used to take Finn Masts hand baggage, he'd not get away with it today! I recall Bruder Masts were a Finn "must have" of the late 1960's.

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Re: the CVRDA it was then

Post by davidh » Wed Feb 24, 2010 8:29 pm

au contraire AG

Tony smith, flying in for a contender worlds, brought a new mast hand luggage. The only problem was that the handlers tried to put it onto the main Carousel - which it promplty jammed up. Then the tannoy system goes.... "would the owner of the mast, recently arrived on flightXXXXXX please come to the luggage desk....

But no damage done, at least not to the mast. Not so sure about the baggage carousel however.... people had a long wait for their bags that day!!

David H

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Re: the CVRDA it was then

Post by Ancient Geek » Wed Feb 24, 2010 9:13 pm

However the fact that it was on the carousel would indicate it was "Checked" luggage rather than "Carry on hand luggage". Goerge aka "Jeorge" Bruder carried his on board, they used to reside down the aisle. What would they say today apart from NO. As someone who travels the world with "carry on hand baggage" - sometimes a lot of it, I know how unpopular it is never mind the reserved seat by ones side for it! Still there is nothing the airlines or security people can do but accept it. But I doubt we could get a mast into a white bag!

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Re: the CVRDA it was then

Post by Brookesy » Wed Feb 24, 2010 9:34 pm

My first Finn a Raudaschl KB 18 was brought from Bermuda by its owner Paul Hiles to the UK by British Airways back in 1978, the mast travelled in the aisle of the passenger compartment of a normal sheduled passenger flight and the boat itself was in the luggage hold on its trolley.
I think it helped that his wife was a BA Hostess.
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Re: the CVRDA it was then

Post by Ed » Thu Feb 25, 2010 10:09 am

I did a shoot for Windsurf magazine in Lanzerote back in the late 80s.....

At the time, you could take 'sports' equipment in the hold for free, you just pitched up with we turned up with 72 boards, sails and associated masts etc. I thought this was mad as I never thought they would fit them all in. Amazingly they did, although they told us it was a record at the time.

The only miss-hap was that I took with me, for my own use, a very long early carbon pre-bent mast. It was a good foot longer than the others so when it was transported - layed across the trailer, it stuck out beyond the others.

As we got out the plane, I looked out the window to see the trailer go to close to a gate, clip the mast and pull it right back till bang! At the time I didn't know it was mine and was much impressed with the sight, but less so once I realised it was mine and not some of the text gear. I pinched another mast to replace it, but it was nothing like the special one that got bust.

As this is the 'banter' section, I will tell the other event I remember from the trip.

As part of the trip, we got a rental-car for each 4 people who were sharing a chalet. When we went to get the cars, they turned out to all be completely identical cream colour Fiat what-evers, with incremental numberplates......and of course identical keys.

It quickly became a bit of a wheez to pinch other peoples keys and/or replace them with your own etc etc until we had all changed cars so many times no-one had any idea who's was who's.

On the last night, returning, I am afraid rather the worse for wear, we could not find any anywhere to park, so decided to double park our car inside one of the others, on the pavement and went to bed.

The next day we were woken up by a very cross hotel owner asking us why we had parked so stupidly. It all seemed a bit over-the-top, he was really upset and we had a bit of a communication issue. We kept saying sorry....but 'why is it such a big problem'. After a while, one of our group went outside to find, that someone else had parked inside our car......on a flowerbed....and there was another car parked inside that.....half-in/half-out of the swimming pool. Of course this the pool.....was the one that was rented in our names.


He had our passports and wouldn't give them back....had called the police....and we needed to go to get on the plane, oh....and all the kit was in our name, so we needed to get it out on the plane. Everyone & the kit left for the plane and we were left behind, waiting on the police to turn up.

I can't remember exactly how, but someone was able to pinch back the passports and we grabbed a taxi and did a runner.

I have never been so keen to get on a plane in my life and still have a little twinge of worry whenever I go through Spanish customs, in case someone checks my passport and says: "Can I have a quick word".

Ah.....I feel so much better now that off my chest! :-)

Ed Bremner

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Re: the CVRDA it was then

Post by Ancient Geek » Thu Feb 25, 2010 10:56 am

Because it was on Topic (Oulton Week) I have posted a couple of anecdotes elsewhere, however it does seem that there is an immense store of such stories, Some Funny, Some Serious, Some Old, Some Borrowed, Some Blue, Mostly True. (Shakewellesque if you like.) I have an ongoing thesis to gather these stories and publish them as the memoire of a now deceased yachtsman the idea being it was his dying wish, his obituary -(I have two obits "Leon Metric and Harold G Twincy written.)- being the preface. I have a title "Short Stories from a Tall Yachtsman" I have a publisher, - profits if any to the RNLI & Help for Heroes - what is needed is more such tales; come on CVRDA there are lots out there I am sure the Forum is only scratching the surface, need not be about sailing per se, life, student days, rowing, sailing, hunting and so on.
Does the pig fly, do you have any tales?

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