warming pan 2010

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warming pan 2010

Post by SaturdayGirl » Sat Mar 13, 2010 8:51 pm

Does anyone have todays results for the 12 and ~Merlin please

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Re: warming pan 2010

Post by Ancient Geek » Mon Mar 15, 2010 10:26 am

http://www.hambleriversc.org.uk/wp_2010 ... esults.pdf
All classes just scroll down disapointing fleets i would guess

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Re: warming pan 2010

Post by davidh » Mon Mar 15, 2010 4:26 pm

Okay, to paraphase Max Boyce "I know, cos I was there"

well, for the Saturday anyway.

On time start but how quaint and charming - a running start with the fleet heading straight off down river. Wind NW...F2 max. A fair fleet of merlins, a goodly handful of Fireflys but only 3 Nat 12s.

I'd love to post the pics from the start but can't be arsed with the explanation as to why they are 'distance shots' so won't. Wind then goes light which is a bummer for all 3 fleets as, yes, they've been set windward leeward courses. Why - for boats that just love to reach and make a thing of it.... again....no further comment.

An hor or so later the wind has died completely, I got some nice shots of the boats ooching and rolling tacking their way around the mark of the harbour masters jetty, interesting to see that despite starting 5 mins later that jo Richards in the N12 'Dead Cat Bounce' had closed up to the point that he was 2nd boat on the watre, ahead of everyone bar the leading Merlin.

At this point desperation set in, so I went to the pub and stayed there. Can out MUCH later with something of a guilt complex only to find that the 2nd race had been binned so a good call from me.....

Couldn't be arsed to go back Sunday, went to Wimbleball instead and sailed, nice people, a chance to catch up with Tim Coombe, sailing well as usual in his immaculate Hornet, friendly club...sponsorship from exmoor ales

Note to CVRDA members and Merlin sailors in particular. I came back from Exmoor with a bottle of 'Beast' Ale - looks like sump oil but is 6.6%. Will drink it and note the impact. If this works will lay in a supply for Oulton Broad week - none of this namby pamby local brew.........

David H

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