another 14 finds a good home

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another 14 finds a good home

Post by davidh » Wed Jun 11, 2008 4:12 pm

Ed and co..........

I've cut and pasted in a note I've just had from Vanessa, who by dint of being a Contender Sailor (and therefore one of life's lucky people) made contact..... though sadly this time it refers on to a 14. Can anyone help her at all..........

Hi David, I am looking for soem help with the restoration of a classic i14 that I have just bought via ebay. The boat is called 'Agamemnon', is sail number 869, was built in 1965 by W. Richardson (I'm told she is a Proctor VIII) and was sailed by John Prentice. She is in surprisingly good condition and should soon be ready for a sail but I have no idea how she should be rigged. What I'm looking for are any photos or drawings that might show me how such a boat would look, or even better, to see one! Do you have any suggestions as to where I might find such information? By the way, you recently just outbid me on a lovely wooden contender for sale in Chippenham - I hope you were pleased with it. I have a clutch of contenders sitting in my back garden, waiting to be shipped to Canada for the worlds in August. My favourite boats of all time. Best wishes, Vanessa

Vanessa's email is................

I'm off to the fleshpots of the Cote d'azur tomorrow so will be absent for 2 whole weeks, yippee!!!

Cheers all

David H

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