"Grip on varnish"

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"Grip on varnish"
Posted by Garry on 31.08.2004 at 15:37:31
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Having recently restored a wooden Merlin Rocket (Built 1964 and No 1728) I have found that after varnishing, the inner deck is very slippery despite using anti-slip tape. I think it needs a sand/varnish finish as my crew and I both ended up at the bottom of the boat after going about on a couple of occasions last weekend!!! Any advice as to how to obtain a nice even finish would be much appreciated.

Follow up from: chris - 31.08.2004 - 17:35:21
When you've stop falling over bring it to some of the vintage merlin events! Ther's one this saturday at Banbury.

Follow up from: Rupert - 31.08.2004 - 18:11:2

Put the sand in the varnish and stir regularly! International sell a finer material to put in, too, which is easier.

Follow up from: Dave Lee - 31.08.2004 - 18:42:0

Class legend has it that the sand from Exmouth beach is just the right grade - at least that is what Rowsell used to use!

Follow up from: Adam Harvey - 02.09.2004 - 20:14:34

Not sand!
When you varnish, once you've finished, sprinkle loads of sugar on the varnish. It will stick and make the varnish rough and the sugar will (eventually) wash away leaving a light non-slip with no weight penalty.

This is best for surfaces where you walk and slide knees, bum, etc. Sand in varnish will wreck your wetsuit.waterproofs in these circumstances!

If you just walk on the surface (like Wayfarer floorboards) use sand, pumice, etc.
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