Help need to identify mast and boom

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Post by rlongfield » Wed Jul 06, 2005 4:14 pm


I am writing in hopes that someone here can help me out. I have tried a few places to discover that kind of mast and boom I have.

There is a story to go behind this question which might help you in understanding why I don't know what kind of mast and boom I have.

The story starts with me finding an old albacore behind my local yacht club and reaching an agreement with the club to develop a website in exchange for the boat.
As it turns out the club didn't know they had the boat and sold the mast and boom years before but still had the sails. So I was left with an albacore in need of a lot of work, a set of sails including the spinnaker but no mast and boom.
After graduating college I set to repairing the boat which hit some snags and was completed a few month later. I then began my search for a mast and boom.
I found an ad on the Canadian Albacore Website for an Albacore mast and boom at a good price and made arrangements to pick them up.

The guy I purchased the mast and boom from had lost his Albacore (a wooden boat) to a nasty thunderstorm and had just sold the sails to someone else.
Well after the repairs to the boat were finished and I attached the mast and boom to the boat and attempted to fit the sail into the mast and boom it turns out that both were too short.
I measured the mast and boom 18 and 7 feet respectively and they were too short for the Albacore despite fitting into the connections perfectly.

I have check with the Enterprise and FireFly class people and the mast and boom are not from either of those classes.

I was hoping that someone here might know what this mast and boom are from so that I can either find a sail to use until I can get a proper mast and boom or so that I can sell this equipment to someone with the proper boat that needs it.

Rob L

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Post by Rupert » Wed Jul 06, 2005 5:24 pm

Glad you've found us from the Firefly site!
I've been giving this some thought, but the info in the books isn't always helpful. I'm guessing it is from a boat approx the size of a gull or 11+.
Do I take it that it is merely curiosity on your part (a common trait on this site, I assure you!), or are you planning to find the hull that went under them to go sailing?!
It could, of course be from a canadian class? That would fox us good and proper here, though our American contributors might be able to help!
Does the Albacacore in Canada fly a kite? Over here it is a 2 sailed boat, but I know these things sometimes change over the years from place to place.

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Post by rlongfield » Wed Jul 06, 2005 7:37 pm

Hi Rupert,

Well since it fits my Albacore perfectly and if I could find some sails I would use this equiptment in my boat until I can afford the proper mast and sails. It might also come in handy in heavy winds as I live near Kingston Ontario which is know apparently for it's sailing :)

I would to tell you how well the boat handles over here but first I will need to get it into the water :)

I will post some pictures that I took of the mast in hopes that images may help someone identify this equiptment.

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