Anyone seen this boat?

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Anyone seen this boat?

Post by FM-W17 designer » Wed May 17, 2017 9:03 pm

Back in 1952, I designed a 14ft x 5ft double-chine half-decked dinghy and built her in 1955.
She was called 'CARA MIA" and her design I called "Venturer" though no one would know that.
She was well built (for a teenager :), with marine ply over oak & mahogany ring framing so she just may have survived. She had a few unique features - like a pivoting L-shaped attachment for the foresail, so that the load on the forestay and jib luff was equalized. It might be a way to recognize her. I sold her in the south of Britain around 1956-7 but long forgotten who to.
Be nice to know if she's still sailing. Some may think it's a modified Leader or Wayfarer .. but she has a nearly plumb stem for one thing and I'd not seen either when I drew this up. She was more of a double-chine Merlin I guess ... but oriented towards cruising, as my chum had a 14ft Lymington Pram at the time. I sold her and started building Moths, as I had problems to find a regular crew at the time.

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