Fairey Racing Dinghies Booklet - newly issued

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Fairey Racing Dinghies Booklet - newly issued

Post by Chris B » Wed Feb 12, 2014 6:41 pm

Thought you might wish to be made aware of a booklet produced by my friend Charles Lawrence entitled Fairey Marine Racing Dinghies and Utility Boats 1958. It is produced from a detailed leaflet produced by Fairey in 1958 detailing all the racing dinghies and utility boats being produced by them at that time. It can be purchased direct from Charles for £9 including postage. Contact him on his email czczcz@me.com

Charles has for a number of years been closely involved with the Fairey Owners Club and Classic Offshore Powerboat Club and shortly after his retirement started producing booklets as a hobby. He is very good at it.

C H A R L E S L A W R E N C E ’ S B O O K L E T S
Illustrated by his full colour profiles of the boats, Charles Lawrence started this
series with

A Fairey Story for the Fairey Owners’ Club in 2007, which collated
Alan Burnard’s articles from the Club journal, Fairey News.

Fairey in Context was the result of more research into the background of
Fairey Marine’s boats, plus the evolution of Bruce Campbell’s Christinas, the
Dell Quay Rangers and the development and demise of Fairey Marine at
Hamble Point. Third revised edition 2013 72pp £12.00

Fairey Motorboats : the 1957 file is a commentary on Fairey Marine’s
recently discovered original documents. 2012 24pp £6.00

Fifty Years of Fairey Raceboats catalogues each of the Fairey hulled boats
that is known to have raced. Second edition 2013 40pp £7.50

Pacemakers from Port Hamble describes each of the Davd Simmonds,
Denys Sessions Port Hamble production motorboats.
Second revised edition 2013 28pp £9.00

Sonny Levi and the Trianas follows the development of the principal rival
British powerboats to the Faireys. 2011 28pp £9.00

C W Burnard : a remarkable and intriguing career collects papers and
drawings which originated with Alan Burnard’s father, found when cataloguing
Alan’s drawings. 2012 24pp £6.00

Classic Offshore Boats and Notes compares drawings and basic information
of the production cruisers of the golden age, together with some of their
descendants. 2013 40pp £10.00

Bruce Campbell - from Albatross to Christina traces the impact of one man
on Albatross Marine, Fairey Marine and his own Bruce Campbell Christinas.
new binding 2013 52pp £15.00

Fairey Marine - Racing Dinghies and Utility Boats is a facsimile copy of
Fairey’s 1958 brochure, with introduction and comment.
new binding 2014 24pp £9.00

All these booklets are in 210x210mm format and are available direct from :
Charles Lawrence 11 Bishops Close, Chiswick, London W4 4JA
email: czczcz@me.com phone: 075 900 36723
Prices including post and packing

Chris Barker
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