Main sheet on circa 1950s/60s GP14

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Main sheet on circa 1950s/60s GP14

Post by nickbw » Tue Aug 19, 2014 3:40 pm

Hello all. I Purchased a wooden GP14 from a Plymouth address although the owner was already living in New Zeland, so I had no opportunity to get any detailed info on the boat it is generally in very good condition, including wooden centreboard and wooden mast and boom. It has been in storage and I am about to try her out with my 16 year old daughter for the first time. We have never rigged this boat and the only knowledge I have specific to GP14s is from "Home Boat Building made easy" Bell Woodworking Co.

I know there are numerous ways to rig this but I would like comments as to the easiest and least cost way of using existing fittings. The transom has two brass or phosphor bronze fittings exactly 12" apart and the mainsheet has two blocks and an eye in one end - I assume this attaches to the end of the boom and the blocks form a sheet horse.

Second question is should the boat have a slot gasket? I see no evidence one was ever fitted. We want to take it to Draycote water to try before a possible trip to the South Hams. My photo files are too large to upload.

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Re: Main sheet on circa 1950s/60s GP14

Post by phil58490 » Tue Aug 19, 2014 9:03 pm

I'm guessing that you have all you need, the eye on the mainsheet is attached to one of the transom fittings, the sheet then goes up to the block on the end of the boom, down through the other block which is attached to the other fitting on the transom and then on to the helmsman's hand. Mirrors do it like that.

The centreboard gasket reduces the amount of water flushing in and out of the centreboard case as the boat moves through the water, when you are going fast this can become a fountain out the top of the case. For racing it reduces drag but for pleasure sailing probably not essential - something for the future.
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Re: Main sheet on circa 1950s/60s GP14

Post by roger » Wed Aug 20, 2014 9:36 am

Slot gaskets can be easy to fit. In the past I have used a strip of an old sail folded and fitted under the brass strips. They are definitely worth fitting.
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