Potential Firefly MKIV/Restoration Project

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Potential Firefly MKIV/Restoration Project

Post by AlexOgilvie » Tue Jan 27, 2015 8:26 pm

The wonders of Facebook means I got word of this recently and thought someone here might be interested. Anyone who is interested please contact me ASAP to save another boat from becoming a planter.

Basically there's a Firefly (sail number "25** or something" according to the guy) in Teddington/Tamesis that has been stripped and left for anyone to take away, the guy wants it gone ASAP. I don't have a garage to put it in or a car/trailor to take it away with but I'm loath to see another boat go as a planter/bonfire.

I managed to take a look at the boat today whilst there was still some light (thank you random Tamesis man for helping me turn it over) and whilst most of the boat's in pretty good shape I'd say there's a fair amount of work to get it going again. Briefly:
-3" back from the forefoot to port there's a big soft patch (about 100mmx100mm)
-The the keelband and it's associated wooden attachments have completely come away from the sides of the boat on the stem and about 18" back from the forefoot. Looks like the wood's actually alright but the original glue's failed
-there's another soft patch at the rear starboard quarter that doesn't look to go through more than one laminate
-In the cockpit both side tanks are completely delaminated and need to come out ASAP

Apart from the above the hull's fairly sound condition. It's had a nice new deck at some point at least. It's definitely doable but I don't have the space sadly. If anyone feels like a challenge then get in contact and I'll put you on to the owner. Photos are in the folder below.

https://drive.google.com/folderview?id= ... sp=sharing

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