Open Dinghy Club East preston

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Open Dinghy Club East preston

Post by Michael4 » Sat Aug 20, 2016 9:16 am

Due to re-development of their site the Open Dinghy Club at East Preston (Sussex) is going to lose it's premises before the end of the year. They are working hard to find alternatives but any suggestions or leads would be very much appreciated. If nothing can be found it is likely that the club will sadly have to close.

Any ideas folks?

If you can help let me know and I will put you in touch with Alan Welman at the club.
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Michael Brigg
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Re: Open Dinghy Club East preston

Post by Michael Brigg » Wed Aug 31, 2016 12:07 am

It may be a little too late fo the planning application processs, but it is worth investigating the "population (ie: Dwelling) density in the locality.

I successfully defended a local application for "Brownfield site development" (ie "Garden grabbing") by pointing out that a local Old peoples home represented an additional 60 dwellings. (Legally each room in an Old peoples home represents a separate dwelling as they are all required now under human rights to have a lockable door to the room for privacy)

The increase in population density this represented exceeded the limit allowed in local planning regultions.

Many South coast small towns are well endowed with OPH's, especially in the Arun district, and this looks like a sure fire site being grabbed to profit out of Beach front development, where population density is likely to be a planning issue.

A quick google turns up no less than 5 old peoples homes in your locality. That could be as many as 250 separate dwellings.

If it exeeds @ 80 dwellings per square mile or some other quantitiy set in the local regulations, then if your site is being set up for a beach front development you may be onto something and have grounds to raise an objection.
Michael Brigg

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