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Re: Finn nationals

Post by davidh » Thu Nov 02, 2017 4:16 pm

Alan - well said!

I thought that the event that was run at Roadford a few years back - when the Finns and Moths had such a good time, was a great event that I was proud to feature in an article. Since then the Classic Moths have gone on from strength to strength and I could write about them pretty much on any day of the year, for there always seems to be something happening.

I don't know what has happened to he Finns BUT I'm not seeing anything like the interest that I see with the Moths. It can't be for lack of boats, for there are plenty out there - so what is happening?

I'm not seeing anything much happening either in the MR fleet - a salutary lesson in how to get it wrong!

David H

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Re: Finn nationals

Post by Brookesy » Sat Nov 04, 2017 2:51 pm

I read the thread with interest, I have now moved on from sailing and gone back to classic motorsport, strangely there are great similarities.
With any type of classic the key thing is to enjoy it to the maximum, and as your enthusiasm is taken on by others they too join you and as with the Finns at Roadford going back a few years ago a fleet established, this was achieved by resurrecting old and in some cases rather dilapidated boats but it provided in most cases affordable fun.
The problem with the pleasure of using classics for pleasure wether it be cars or boats is when we start to race we become more and more competitive and spend ever increasing amounts of time and money making our steed more competitive, after all who races to come last.
The great leveller therefore must be a good set of rules to stop the man with the most to spend being the fastest.
At Roadford we achieved this by following the CVRDA guidelines for a classic Finn of pre ‘85 hulls only and alloy masts and non laminate sails only. We were not really concerned with racing at BFA events and did our own thing until we were approached by the class to join in, where we raced as classics at the back of the established fleet for separate prizes.
I myself decided I wanted to mix it with the modern boats and acquired a modern carbon laminate rig, and did just that. The difference was massive and whilst I may not have been that good, in good hands my boat had a top three finish in a very competitive fleet.
The point I am trying to make is that I believe the classic Finns have lost their way by allowing so called Classics with Carbon.These are only classics in that they were at one time in the past.
Having owned one and know most of those out there in both guises I would classify them as modern, with current control line layouts and fittings and optimised centre plates and modern rigs they are on a par with any modern boat on flat water and only lose out when in waves.
The classic Finn should be raced as such and if a modern rig is fitted then it should be handicapped accordingly.
My aim if I came back to sailing would be to sail a classic Finn in classic events and not get dragged into the arms race.
After saying all this, my problem now is old race cars with rebuilt engines that give a lot more power than they did back in the day, but then I keep trying to tell myself I’m racing for fun not to win..... I do miss my Finn however.
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