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Post by chris » Mon May 28, 2007 9:08 pm

To all at Brightlingsea a big thank you for a weekend of good company, (some) good sailing and especially your famous microclimate. Shame about the weather but we did enjoy ourselves and it was good to meet some new made-about-old-boat nutters.
Now, Johnathan - Mr. Microclimate - our drive out of Essex was awful but when we hit Wessex the sun came out and for the last 45 mins of our journey we were wearing sunglasses! The trusty somerset macroclimate here is a clear blue sky just a few whispy clouds and no flooded fields! In fact I better go and water the garden now.

Looking forward to next year 'cos we did enjoy ourselves regardless - thanks to all there.
Chris and Lois
Ps - lois has even found her phone!

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Post by jonathanR » Tue May 29, 2007 2:46 pm

The sun is shining here too!

It was a pleasure receiving you all and BSC hope you will make this a permanent fixture.

As for the micoclimate, all I can say is that we had it better than most. Much of the surrounding area was flooded and events were cancelled all over the District. What was notable was the absolute flat sea on Monday. Barely a ripple but the wind howling through at force6/8. Had I a modern boat I might have been tempted to have a quick dash round the bay and back.

See you all next year.

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Post by jonathanR » Thu May 31, 2007 11:21 pm

Hello again. Just had an evening sailing in a pursuit race where Sandy and Pat did well IN THE EVENING SUNSHINE. Chris and Lois should note the famed micro climate kicked in and we had a beautiful sunset over Pyefleet Creek. Amongst the handicap fleet were 5 Brightlingsea One Designs as well as P & S's vintage Merlin and my very vintage N12. We sailed a longish course but in a steady F4 and with wind with tide, a flat sea. Great stuff.

Regards to all.

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Post by Pat » Sun Jun 03, 2007 8:47 pm

As Jonathan said we had some more good sailing at Brightlingsea on Thursday and explored the marks further out and the spring low tide! And tested the Adnams Regatta in the bar afterwards.

With the flat seas and good breeze all the older boats would have gone well and the wide open spaces are a real pleasure. Being able to have a long time on each tack/reach/run gives chance to get settled and try adjustments we just can't do at home!
Even flying the spinnaker without the pole was possible in the clean winds but we didn't forget it again though!

Thanks to everyone for the hospitality and friendliness and to Jonathan for re-naming us - the Sailing Gypsies!
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