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Post by Pat » Fri Sep 07, 2007 9:52 pm

Roadford was £30 for two days sailing and one night's camping. We thankfully weren't charged for our "pitch" in the middle of the track on Friday night or for the resulting tow out of the mud (and this was before the bulk of the summer floods!).

Staff incompetance is what irritates most about the place - if the woman hadn't let someone on our reserved pitch or had bothered to phone me with a change of pitch number or they'd bothered to cordon off the boggy part they'd already pulled people out from, then we and others would have had a much better experience.

As for the junior windsurfers, I saw them out there, they should not have been allowed on the water without adequate warm clothing - wet or dry suits not just T shirt and shorts. Tokens for the showers might be another way forward too if water is limited.

I'd really like to see SW Lakes convert the existing toilet block for the campers and build a proper clubhouse and changing block. Venues of this size are in heavy demand by classes for opens and inlands - look at Draycote, Queen Mary and of course Rutland and Grafham, all turning away events. It's a market Roadford could easily get into with a little investment in the infrastructure.
Sailing isn't all about teaching youngsters, it's the adults who have the money to spend.
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Post by Rupert » Mon Sep 10, 2007 9:09 am

If they start putting in new facilities now, they will be right in the middle of in in 2009...
What some venues do for big events is build a "tent city", where eating, drinking and the like (changing rooms?) are all in marquees. This might affect the cost, but if we get something for our money (and that would be nice at Roadford...) it could be worth it.
I'm all for going back in 2009. If dim and distant memory serves me right, due to the peggies holding their Nationals as a separate event, Kathryn and I (and proto Charlie) were fortunate enough to win something there. Of course, when getting winners back, we have to look beyond the overall trophy to the Vintage, Classic and Old winners and try and get all of them back. If I stop typing now, Saskia's new transom is going to be made today, so she might be ready for 2009...

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