Baltic Warf, 14th Nov, Final event 2015

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Re: Baltic Warf, 14th Nov, Final event 2015

Post by roger » Fri Nov 20, 2015 6:57 pm

davidh wrote:Very....very...very interesting!
It's not so long ago that the notion of sailing an all GRP boat, one that was well nigh a SMOD, in an event billed as a classic meeting, would have given many of the Luddites fits of the 'vapours'.
The rest of your comment David was spot on it was just that I had never heard anyone at a cvrda event make negative comments about Alans tatty shed, Pat and Sandy`s plastic Albacore or Keiths old composite Peggyball. and to point out that we had had a plastic boat prize at the Nationals from the very first event.
I appreciate you have to sex it up a bit as a journo but I could be regarded as one of your luddites as the owner of four all wood boats(and a plastic one shhh) but have never heard anyone make comment. The cvrda has always been inclusive to all boats that fit the guidelines.

There has however been much talk and criticism of making a boat from a spare part of which you will be well aware.

Like Chris I should have ignored the forecast and gone anyway but Shoestring is put away in the shed and is the only boat currently insured. That's my excuse but the truth is I was just to lazy to dig the boat out of the shed and get it on the trailer. My loss.
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Re: Baltic Warf, 14th Nov, Final event 2015

Post by Rupert » Fri Nov 20, 2015 8:22 pm

There is certainly a faction within the classic boat world who see the grp boat as a work of the devil, David, with that I can agree. And I have no objection to that being worn away, but within the context of cvrda events, to suggest that grp boats have been frowned upon is pure nonsense.

My GRP Minisail at a national rally in the early 2000s was very smart, with decks so polished the kids used her as a slide... still didn't win the pretty boat prize! Well, she was a Minisail...

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Re: Baltic Warf, 14th Nov, Final event 2015

Post by realnutter » Fri Nov 20, 2015 8:29 pm

glass fibre just ain't as pretty as wood fibre...

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