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Mike Dunbavin
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Post by Mike Dunbavin » Fri Dec 31, 2004 12:23 pm

OK no K222 for sale. This boat was built for its original owner in 1962. It was las sailed in 1967 and has been dry stored since. I purchased the boat last year as a project but have not had the time to complete. The outside of the hull has been stripped, undercoated and had 1 top coat. The inside of the boat and decks require stripping/varnishing. There is no rot in the boat and it is as built i.e. with all original fittings. The boat also gas original mast, boom, foils, sail etc. It will take wery little work to have sailable but unfortunately I do not have the time or space to complete.
I am looking for £200. For further details call 01903 707826 or email me.

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