Anybody need a 'classic cover'?

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Anybody need a 'classic cover'?

Post by Ed » Wed Jul 16, 2008 12:27 pm

I am well overdue making up some boat covers.

The reason that I have taken so long is that buying the 'right' kind of cloth is so damn expensive! Some of the best breathable Poly-cottons are £15-20 a running metre. When a 5m boat can take about 10m of cloth, you can see why you don't see too many sailmakers running around in flash cars!! Their costs are really not so bad!

But I have found a possible source of some reasonably priced canvas, that might make it worthwhile. It is even more worthwhile, if I buy enough to make up a few covers in one go.

This canvas is a soft poly sailcloth, like would be used for large square-sails etc. I think that I can get it in either egyptian-cotton or a tan colour.

My intention would be to make up very 'classic' type covers - not much velcro or elastic.

They would have long side-curtains to keep sun-light off lower hull

In other words these would, like most old covers, be more for keeping sun off and UV out rather than being 100% watertight.

If you are interested in having a cover like this made - get in touch or come and talk to me at the Nats and we can discuss.

In terms of price - I am hoping to make them for about £50 plus materials which should mean they come out somewhere in the region of £90 - £120 depending on size.


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Re: Anybody need a 'classic cover'?

Post by Pat » Wed Jul 16, 2008 1:34 pm

ED - I've bought the more modern pvc type cover material on the roll from Beaulieu boat jumble, but I've seen canvas there. Mine was at £60 for 18 meteres which should cover the fat merlin and at least one Lark and is a damn sight cheaper than the £220 and £120 respectively quoted by well known suppliers.

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