Not an easy project...

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Not an easy project...

Post by Michael4 » Wed Nov 27, 2019 3:53 pm

...nor a racing dinghy, but it needs saving, maybe.

A chap in Worthing has had this in his front garden for many years. It is a 13ft Sussex Beach Boat built by Lowers of Newhaven in, I guess, the 40s or 50s. As such it is a rare survivor of a working clinker dinghy. It has a 'lute' stern, centreboard, what I take to be a gaff rig with jib and plenty of bits and pieces. It is heavy. What is left of the sails are suspiciously Enterprise blue. It was very nice once and if I had found it a few years ago...

He also has something 14ft ish, clinker, possibly gunter and very nicely built lurking under a lot of stuff in his garage.

So any lunatics with time on their hands out there? I just can't face it but already feel guilty about leaving it sitting there rotting away. My excuse is that my garage is full with two boats, a camper and a Warrenjet jet outboard in bits which should it ever work will raise a smile on the back of an 11 Plus.

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