OK on the CVRDA Facebook page

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Alan P.
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OK on the CVRDA Facebook page

Post by Alan P. » Thu Nov 28, 2019 6:16 pm

Hello All.

I 'm not signed up for Facebook so cannot leave a comment on the posting/ad for this OK but I would just like to say that Harry Millican built some really nice wood OKs to a very high standard. This one appears to be relatively unmolested and still sports the Millican trade mark curved bow handle and varnished topsides. Well worth getting her in the garage over winter and pottering. Does not appear to need anything drastic. The mentioned class rule requirements for added polystyrene buoyancy is not retro so a boat of this age is fine without. No problem. 1211 has none. I'd love this one myself but, as it is, I don't get enough chances to sail 1211 these days.
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