Laser spares.

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Alan Price
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Post by Alan Price » Tue Apr 19, 2005 8:19 pm

And all this because Laser appears to subscibe fully to the "Rip Off Britain" bigade. They were taking the p*** with the prices they used to try charging for Dart 15 spares. But that's history.
The Supernova is a refreshing change from the usual one design, one manufacturer set up. Not only is the boat fantastic value new but all the spares and rig are very reasonable too. Long may it continue and then the class wo'nt suffer all this nonsense.
In 1974 I bought a new Laser(no.12268 in a lime green)It came with wood tiller and grab rails in the cockpit but the latest new plastic rudder blade and centreboard, which promptly blistered.They gave me a replacement plus a spare and these were fine although I did sell the boat after only a year.I then bought OK 1211 and found out what a real singlehander should be like.

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Post by alan williams » Tue Apr 19, 2005 10:55 pm

Hi guys
Once long ago when I was light and lasers cost around £500 I was stupid enough to buy one. Well one strong wind day in Plymouth Sound my top section broke.I tried to get one from laser but their agent didn't have any, so measured diameter of tube found out what spec. ali. and ordered a new tube from a metal agent. Fixed collar back on and thought nievely I was back in business. But no rule book Johny comes along and protested me out of a local series because Firstly I had and illegal topmast and secondly I had the afrontery to sail with a repaired mast sock. Result told him where to go and stick his rule book and was then thrown out for ungentlemanlee conduct. Needless to say sold Laser and have never spoken to said person again although I did scare the S... out of him by flying the windward hull of the Nacra right over the stern of his Laser when he caught me on starboard once, the look on his face was choice.
Cheers Al

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Post by STEVEB » Wed Apr 20, 2005 8:39 am

Hi, don't throw away broken laser topmasts, the are the same size tubing as the boom and alway break at the collar, an hours work with a hacksaw and riveter and you can make up a new boom

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Post by Rupert » Wed Apr 20, 2005 9:43 am

I've never seen fewer smiles at an open meeting than when I went to a Europe meeting that was shared with Lasers. The Europes were happy enough, but the laser sailors had scowls and never spoke except to quote rules. Oddly, the Laser sailors at whitefriars are the happiest group of sailors I know..barring cvrda of course! They never travel, though, so haven't been protested for smiling or making small talk!

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