merlin wooden mast wanted

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Post by chris » Sun Jun 26, 2005 8:43 pm

John went off to Hamble on the trail of a wooden merlin mast for no.36 - only snag was that it was probably a nat 12 mast so far too slender and about 6ft too short) (but he might adapt it for his oldest Grad)

so we are looking for a Merlin wooden mast.

Or we might have a go at rebuilding what is left of the original (which isn't much) or build a new one as long as he doesn't sail in a force xx at Clywedog!) so we would need, bronze rotating mast foot, bronze gooseneck (long and slender), cross trees. and any other suitable fittings. Could part exchange for a National 12 mast.

Any contacts or suggestions to me (Chris Barlow)

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