Proctor Fireball mast heel wanted

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Proctor Fireball mast heel wanted

Post by windwatcher » Sun Jun 04, 2017 10:13 am

Proctor Fireball mast heel wanted. I'm not sure what section the mast is - I assume it's most likely to be a D. Its silvery in colour, quite flexible, has a tapered top, and has that classic pear-shaped cross section, so that means it definitely isn't a beta etc. The boat is late 1970s.

I assume that the mast section is common across all classes, i.e. a Wayfarer with a proctor D is presumably the same as a Fireball with a D, just the length will be different I assume ? Of course for the heel its only the cross-section that matters.

Does someone out there have a heel, or perhaps, a broken / bent mast that has the heel, that they would be prepared to saw the heel off and send it to me ? If so, I would be happy to pay postage etc. I live near Portsmouth.

I shall put another post on the general discussion forum to see if anyone has tips on identifying the mast section.

I suppose it's just possible as well that someone might have the complete mast for not too great a price ?



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