Another drum winch needed

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Another drum winch needed

Post by NorfolkNick » Wed Aug 09, 2017 1:45 pm

I guess there may be a few of these requests going out now, so I had better add mine to the list.

I have retrieved I 14 #85 from Lowestoft and in general the boat looks good, but the drum winch for the centerpalete is aluminium and does not appear from marks on the hull to be the original one, which I would guess would have been bronze / brass? So does anyone in the CVDRA have an old one being used to hold open the shed door, that would be better used in an old 14? If so I would be very please to hear from you, so that we can come to an arrangement.

The width of the hog appears to be 5.7mm (2¼"), with about 18cm (7") of mounting space for the bracket, the current aluminium winch has a 16 cm rope drum and 2.5 cm shaft for the wire, so about a 6:1 - 8:1 ratio, depending how much rope is on the drum.

International 14 #85.

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Re: Another drum winch needed

Post by Ed » Thu Aug 10, 2017 11:57 am

I will check and see what I have go.

I know I have more drums than brackets. I may have one heavily butchered bracket too....

will try and dig out what I have.

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