Supporting class racing for older boats

and what is happening with the CVRDA today?
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Supporting class racing for older boats

Post by Pat »

I've had a timely email from Simon Cox, chairman of the Lark Class Association and one of those interested in promoting
the old Larks and getting them out of the dinghy park. He wrote
I think there is a huge opportunity to get old Larks on the water and some even attending major Lark events.
I would be very keen to work with the CVDRA to get the Lark Class to support their events and encourage a few travellers to these events – outside of the Lark traveller’s circuit. Do you think this is a possibility? What rules would the class need to follow to be included?
Can we discuss at the Nationals please?
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Re: Supporting class racing for older boats

Post by Ed »

Would of thought so.

Ask Roger or Chris to put it on Agenda.

Mind you classes have said this before....and there is a big jump from one or two enlightened committee members....and a decent number of boats.

But anything we can do....we should do.


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Re: Supporting class racing for older boats

Post by alan williams »

What we must not become is ahome for any old boat over 25 years old as this would demean the ethos of the CVRDA. I've had to turn away old Tornado,s and especially Darts that want to jump on the band wagon. The big problem is that if we support classes with dodgy design dates it opens the door to other classes such as Lasers. We could endorse and encourage a classic section of a class but not recognise it as one of the classes which are permitted to race with the CVRDA. I would have no problem with sharing a joint venue with them but would not have them as part of the main event.
Cheers Al
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