David H accused of slander!!!

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David H accused of slander!!!

Post by roger » Fri May 22, 2009 8:48 pm


Im hurt, very hurt I only broke two boats at the Nationals and lent Angies boat to someone else who broke it for me. Where please do I get this undeserved reputation for boat breaking.

:( :(

So a 54 year old winch decided it didnt want to play anymore and as for the kicker on Chris` Albacore well it wasnt me gov it just sort of came off in me hand :shock:

Ok so the revo Hornet spent most of her time being repaired last year but that was the other boat(the one on port) not me and the other planker Hornet still has a foot sized hole in the side decks which made her sink at the SGP but that was Dawns foot and I wasnt even in the boat at the time.

So you see it wasnt me at all it was just my boats and other peope ..... oh and Chris` Albacore of course.

oh and dont mention Iska please. or Spriteful ....no hang on I didnt break spriteful I just won the Inland nationals(vintage wing) in her.

So David please choose your words with care or you may find yourself being forced into a Finn and made to sail all day at the Nationals :twisted: :twisted:
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