Fixtures sec needed

and what is happening with the CVRDA today?
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Fixtures sec needed

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Roger has decided to stand down as Fixtures Sec at the AGM at Bough Beech on the Bank Holiday Sunday. Firstly, thanks to Roger for his hard work in getting the programme together for this year. Secondly, is there anybody out there interested in taking this role on, please? If you want to PM me for more detail as to what the job can involve, please do!

In essence, it involves talking with representatives of clubs who would like to run an event (they are generally the people you discuss things with on here, anyway, so not scary!) and then to try and ensure we don't have clashes or near misses on the calendar. You will obviously get help from me and the rest of the committee on it all. It also involves joining in with general committee discussions if you have views, and leading (unless you prefer otherwise) discussion on where the National Rally will be held.
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Re: Fixtures sec needed

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To be honest it is not an onerous task and I am more than willing to lend a hand/advice.
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