Classic 14 near me.

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Classic 14 near me.

Post by solentgal » Thu Feb 28, 2013 10:03 am

This has just surfaced on ebay...........will be of interest to many I think? ... 2c6cd431ce

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Re: Classic 14 near me.

Post by dieharddinghysailor » Wed Mar 06, 2013 6:44 am

It's a beauty, can't understand why no-one's bid higher - would definately buy it if there was a cheap way to get it to the USA...........

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Re: Classic 14 near me.

Post by Michael Brigg » Wed Mar 06, 2013 9:15 am

The price is low because most Hedge fund managers and Arms dealers are not interested in this kind of boat. Thank goodness. I suspect they would not be good company!

However, 5 bidders already declared and almost certainly a few more out there. The "ebay rush" in the last 1-2minutes of the auction is likely to push things up a fair bit so it's my guess that this boat will go for @£600. I would jump at it for that price but my chancellor would wither me if I even mentioned it at the moment :cry:

The seller does mention issues with "delamination" in places needing varnish. In my experience that often hides a whole lot more issues and will make it actually quite a big (but worthwhile) project and this will be holding the market back.

To take a boat like this on it needs to be your only interest. Many of us are "old/vintage or veteran-'philes, and have garages or other necessary spaces already full. This boat needs a good space if adequate work is to be done and probably quite alot of additional work to do it justice. At least 3-4 times whatever the eventual selling price will be.

So I'm going to blame the Bankers. We are all still helping to pay for that big bubble that burst a few years ago with the Sub-prime mortgage scandal, and more recently with things like Libor rate fixing and all these other things that are being used to institutionally rape our pockets.

One day, after I've paid for Greece, and Spain, I will be retired and if my pension fund hasn't been swallowed up by international hedge fund managers and international currency swindles, I shall be able to happily play in my garage, filling it with smells of wet varnish and making it tidy enough for SWMBO to smile when she opens the garage door! :wink:

... but I might have to use it instead to rent out to some Romanians. I think I will be needing the money!
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Re: Classic 14 near me.

Post by rme_01 » Wed Mar 06, 2013 11:06 pm

I see it closed at £260.67 which is frankly a travesty for a Souter’s built 14, arguably the pinnacle of post war wooden boat building. Evidence again of the lack of interest in vintage/classic dinghies when compared with the current enthusiasm for classic yachts, classic cars or classic pretty much anything despite the best efforts of the FT

I appreciate that many will argue that this is a good thing in that it makes classic dinghies affordable but as Michael points out that isn’t really the case as the restoration and maintenance costs often put them far beyond the reach of those simply looking for cheap boating. The danger is that with no realistic market people will simply not bother to restore these boats in future or worse still irredeemably bodge them.

Whilst no one wants classic dinghies to become the province of the super-rich it would be good to see the profile of the true vintage and classic boats raised a little. Perhaps events like Bosham and the entry of Gently into the Classic Boat restoration of the year are the first signs of a change – I hope so.

Maybe not an entirely objective post!

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Re: Classic 14 near me.

Post by Hotspur » Wed Mar 06, 2013 11:33 pm

Wow, £260... Makes me feel slightly better about £200 for my MR, but that's peanuts for such a beautiful boat. If I had space, and time, and a crew, this boat would have been perfect. I hope the new owners take good care of her and get good use.
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