Yachting World Cadet Mast & Boom

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Yachting World Cadet Mast & Boom

Post by wilfbishop1 » Mon Oct 28, 2013 5:53 pm

I am renovating a pivoting centreboard sailing version Uffa Fox Fairey Duckling dinghy and although it came with a set of excellent almost new sails I have no mast or boom. The mainsail seems to be made for the gunter version but I'm sure I can get it easily re-cut for a bermudan rig set-up. Checking the current range of small dinghies I find that the Yachting World Cadet seems to tbe the closest match I can find in terms of mast & boom dimensions to the original Uffa Fox drawings?

Any other ideas for alternative second-hand mast/boom combinations - scaling up from the Duckling drawing I have the overall mast length is about 4800mm & boom length about 1980mm - the hole in the thwart for the mast is large - about 60mm dia but of course I can create a reducing plug for this.

Maybe someone has a set of Duckling spars in a barn somewhere - failing that has anyone got a spare Cadet mast & boom available please? Alternatively I am aware that there is a fleet of Fairey Ducklings sailing in Chichester Harbour - has anyone got a contact with them please so I can locate a "proper" set of alloy spars for the bermudan rig Ducklingn if all else fails?

All/any leads much appreciated - thanks.

Wilf Bishop
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Stephen Hawkins
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Re: Yachting World Cadet Mast & Boom

Post by Stephen Hawkins » Mon Oct 28, 2013 9:29 pm

I have a wooden Cadet mast and boom. The mast will need repair as there are is some damage. But it is straight. The boom is fine.

Swindon, Wiltshire.

PM if you are interested,

Steve H
Steve Hawkins

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Michael Brigg
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Re: Yachting World Cadet Mast & Boom

Post by Michael Brigg » Tue Oct 29, 2013 12:52 am

There were a large number of Duckling (for while) at Itchenor SC, but the fleet dropped off when the club adopted Toppers as a junior class. (I never understand the rationale for single handing Cadet sailors, it starts the rot of sailing only when the weather is "good enough.")

However, I think there may still be a few in the garages around and about. I shall make enquiries If I am at the Club in the next few weeks. It might have to wait until the Spring.

I'll also check with my neighbour. He had a Duckling but sadly let the hull get damp and frostbitten. He may still have the spars.
Michael Brigg

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Re: Yachting World Cadet Mast & Boom

Post by solentgal » Wed Oct 30, 2013 3:12 pm

Hi Wilf,

I have a mast, gunter spar and boom here........Total height of mast/spar with current halyard attachment is about 4300mm, but the halyard attachment looks too high to me anyway, and would re-position easily enough to give 4800mm, and probably look about right too in my opinion. The mast is about 50mm diameter. The boom is longer than you need at about 2800mm, but would easily shorten to fit.
PM me if this is of any interest.....we are in Havant, not far from Portsmouth.

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