Hush the baby is asleep...

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Michael Brigg
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Hush the baby is asleep...

Post by Michael Brigg » Sat Aug 01, 2015 12:04 pm

roger wrote:Childminding, is a poor excuse for not going to Roadford.
Well it may look like child minding but that as Ed says is only a part of it...


Well OK maybe it isn't a good excuse for missing Roadford, after all at this age they are portable, though as the picture showed (with the early morning tea viewtopic.php?f=23&t=5984 ) my real problem was that I actually wasn't ready. As usual life gets in the way.

Actually childcare is the least of the problems here. When SWIMBO is away web cruisers know there are many things that Dads get up to with the ankle biters that are usually forbidden. (Fish and chip suppers, Food fights, and playing in the mud in Chichester harbour come to mind.)

Actually as any parent knows Noise is the best sleeping medicine, Whether that is a washing machine, a hoover or in my case a lawn mower or the sanding and scraping. The infant just needs to know that you are close by and if they hear your "normal" noises, they sleep soundly. :lol:

So... I take baby into the garage when he is asleep and he helps me with all those tedious takes. The Devilish detail that is finding a way to coat the inside of the plate case, Sanding and varnishing all of those 8 full length battens, relocating all the "bits" that I removed at the start of the project, Discovery that I have woodworm in my cowhorn tiller extentions, (anyone know where I can find a pair of 11ft Ash saplings?)

SWIMBO will return home like mother in the Dr Suess book to a spotless house and I will have earned my browny points for the W/E pass needed for Bosham,... or whenever. :oops:
Michael Brigg

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Max McCarthy
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Re: Hush the baby is asleep...

Post by Max McCarthy » Sat Aug 01, 2015 2:31 pm


Will you be attending the IC nationals this year? Assuming you get ready in time?

To be honest, in Rogers reference to child minding, I thought he was talking about Torment....

Perhaps this name is more appropriate than you let on?


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Re: Hush the baby is asleep...

Post by roger » Sun Aug 02, 2015 6:21 pm

Michael, nearly every roadside hedgerow has 11ft ash saplings round here. Best go and cut a few down before Ash dieback gets them. :)
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