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Re: Off topic 'what is that?'

Post by realnutter » Sun Mar 06, 2016 12:14 am

I'm pretty sure there was a smaller engined Vitesse straight 6.. 1600cc perhaps?

There was an SS1 with a turbo motor too.. from Toyota I think...

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Re: Off topic 'what is that?'

Post by GAv » Sun Mar 06, 2016 1:03 am

The earlier Sports Six engine came out of the pre Michelloti styled 2000' Vanguard Vignale Six, sleeved down to 1600 cc.
I was sorely tempted to buy a nice example of one off EBay, however the plastic fantastic, SS1 was a third of the Buy it now price anyway.
Pardon me RN as the Americans would say,my bad.I should have clarified this as the original Vitesse From 1962 to 1966, had the 1600 six, and was called Sports Six in America, where it failed to sell, too expensive over there, but was popular here and called the Vitesse Six.

I can clearly see an original Ad from the early sixtees, with a cheesy grinning happy chappie (and preganant wife )and the assumed new owner of his former MG TC, taking delivery and about to drive it away, and the Vitesse Six in the foreground with the Lady of the House admiring their new sports Saloon.
White with black stripe, well ok it was a black and white ad, the same as my Vitesse 2 litre convertible.
Don't however recall after well over 50 years what the slogan was, however it was based on the prescept that the bloke was not having to give up sporty cars simply because a youngen was on the way, and the female would find the taxi like turning circle and handling a boon.

Very doubtful you could get away with that on every count today!

Yes there was a Turbo version of the Scimitar 1800SS and I have to be honest had forgotten all about it till I bought the naturally aspirated 1600( there were 13/1400 versions as well)and found it after googling It up.
Aparantly It was an 1800 Datsun unit, presumably out of the Sylva, however I bought a Nissan Bluebird Turbo 1800, after Dan Dan The Datsun man in Waltham Cross became DD the Nissan Man.
That my only ever new car, and I would think that same engine would have made for one hairy little sportster.
The Datsun/ Nissan 1800s were still designed for 5 Star leaded petrol,whereas the Ford in the Escort was OK on 2 ,so as it was an emission end engine anyway, so has no problems with valve seats being too soft for unleaded.
Famous last words, who knows when terminal rust takes my 16 year old Mondeo, spent 300 quid on welding and MOT last time,there may be a convenient place for its 2 Litre Zetec.
In current form the SS1 is good for 0-60 in 9.5 seconds and 110 MPH .

The Zetec Tested in its day gave the Mondeo 0-60 in around nine seconds and nearly 130 MPH.

A bit of a flyer if popped into the sportster but no plans for it to become aquatic.

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