Firefly Hull and Bits available

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Firefly Hull and Bits available

Post by nickM » Sun May 14, 2017 10:55 pm

(76.16 KiB) Not downloaded yet
Hull - inside
Hull - outside
I've finally realised I will not get around to restoring this Firefly myself...
so lots of bits available:
Hull - sail no. 26_ _ (tbc) - mk 1, decks removed, hull sound (but see repair to port upper near bow), fittings removed and partially sanded.
Mast 1 - fixed silver proctor (original length)
Mast 2 - rotating gold proctor
alloy centreplates x 2 (with slot not hole)
Boom - silver proctor
Assortment of original fittings

- hopefully some photos are attached.
or see link:

Hull - free to good/brave home!
not looking to make money from other bits but perhaps a small contribution to RNLI depending on what's wanted
Anyway - get in touch and we can discuss

nick (based in Bristol)
07909 878 807

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