Robbins Ply Delivery cost

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Robbins Ply Delivery cost

Post by neil »

Has anyone had any full sheets of ply delivered from Robbins, if so could you let me know the delivery cost


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Re: Robbins Ply Delivery cost

Post by PeterV »

Neil, I had 2 sheets. Delivered a couple of years ago, I think the cost was about £20, it was at any rate almost the same as the discount I got by ordering at the Southampton Boat Show. As I wouldn't want to transport ply on the roof rack (very difficult to do it without it breaking, been there done that) I thought it was a good deal.
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Re: Robbins Ply Delivery cost

Post by sam mason »

Depends on how much you get. 2 sheets normally about £25 to Lincoln. Well worth the extra It wouldn't cover the fuel cost from here
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Re: Robbins Ply Delivery cost

Post by Michael4 »

I buy Robbins stuff through my local boatbuilder who orders regularly from them. He makes a small mark up that is significantly less than the carriage I would have to pay.
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